How Much Does a Cannabis Prescription Cost in the UK?

The cost of medical cannabis prescriptions in the United Kingdom can vary greatly, with an average price range of between £150 and £250 per month. This cost typically covers a prescription that includes both THC and CBD, with the flower starting at £5 per gram and the oil starting at £30 for a 10 ml bottle. In order to qualify for medical cannabis in the UK, you must obtain a prescription from a doctor who specializes in your condition. Your GP can refer you to a specialist, but they cannot prescribe medical marijuana on their own. In November of last year, the Minister of the Interior, Sajid Javid, introduced legislation that allowed people to legally access cannabis for medical reasons.

There are a number of conditions or symptoms that qualify for treatment with medical cannabis, and the National Health Service (NHS) or private specialist who can authorize a prescription will want to consult the patient's notes and medical history before booking an appointment. Before the law was amended in November, there were a number of notable cases of children needing medical cannabis products to survive, such as Alfie Dingley and Billy Caldwell, to whom Javid granted exceptions. Instead, many patients in the UK are prescribed medical cannabis through private medical cannabis clinics. As these people are forced to commit crimes, the issue of greater access to medical cannabis remains a pressing issue and a hotly debated topic. Talking to your GP about medical marijuana is an important first step in getting a cannabis prescription. The Twenty21 project is working to create the largest set of tests in the UK on the effectiveness of medical cannabis.

Good quality scientific research is demonstrating the multiple medicinal uses of cannabis and creating a set of tests that cannot be ignored by the medical community or the UK government. With this program, eligible patients can access affordable medical cannabis treatment at subsidized costs. Once you start taking your medication, the clinic will request a follow-up consultation, usually within 4 weeks, to analyze your progress with medical cannabis and discuss if any changes need to be made. Specialists working with private medical marijuana clinics in the United Kingdom can use their professional judgment more freely when it comes to treating conditions with cannabis-based medicines. The fact that you choose to talk to a specialist who works for the NHS or a private clinic could affect your chances of getting a prescription for cannabis in the UK. These people still have access to specific products, but for everyone else who expected to consume medical cannabis products, the path remains very difficult.

While the price of medical cannabis is not as high as the tens of thousands of pounds often cited in the press, some patients are still unable to afford this price.

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