Who is the Biggest Cannabis Company in the World?

Cresco Labs, a Chicago-based company, recently announced their plans to acquire a rival and become the largest cannabis company in the world. This move would make them the number one wholesaler of branded cannabis products, and the top revenue-generating cannabis company. Trulieve, Florida's largest medical cannabis company, currently controls around 51% of the state's market. Tilray, another major player in the industry, has partnered with Sandoz, a subsidiary of Novartis, to share their brand, distribute and sell medical cannabis in legal markets around the world.

Additionally, OrganiGram has a five-year partnership with Canndoc, the largest producer of medical cannabis in Israel. Tilray was the first Canadian company to export medical cannabis to the United States for clinical testing. Under their agreement, OrganiGram supplies 3000 kilograms of dried flower products to Canndoc every year for sale in the Israeli medical cannabis industry. Innovative Industrial Properties is another major player in the cannabis industry.

Unlike other cannabis giants that produce cannabis and cannabis-derived products, Innovative Industrial Properties focuses on selling and leasing land and facilities needed to grow those products.

James Wellington
James Wellington

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