What Qualifies for Medical Cannabis in the UK?

Do you have a qualifying condition that could be treated with medical cannabis in the UK? If so, you may be wondering what the requirements are for getting a prescription. In the UK, cannabis is a class B drug, and it can only be prescribed by a doctor who specializes in your condition. Your primary care doctor can refer you to a specialist, but they cannot prescribe medical marijuana on their own. In order to qualify for medical cannabis in the UK, you must have a qualifying condition, such as pain conditions, neurological conditions, psychiatric conditions, gastroenterological conditions, or side effects of cancer treatment.

You must also have sought treatment by other means. There are many cannabis-based products available for purchase online, but their quality and content are unknown. They can be illegal in the UK and potentially dangerous. Your primary care doctor is better able to help you discuss any previous or current medications you are taking for past and current medical conditions that may be affected by a cannabis-based medicine product (CBMP). Good quality scientific research is demonstrating the multiple medicinal uses of cannabis and creating a set of tests that cannot be ignored by the medical community or the UK government.

The National Health Service (NHS) or the private specialist who can authorize a prescription for medical cannabis in the UK will want to consult the patient's notes and medical history before booking an appointment. Talking to your GP about medical marijuana is an important first step in getting a cannabis prescription. If you've tried illegal cannabis in the past to treat your condition in addition to standard medications, it's worth talking to your GP so they can document it in your notes. If this is the case, don't hesitate to explain why you think cannabis can help you and where you've seen private medical cannabis clinics in the UK treating your condition. Specialists working with private medical marijuana clinics in the UK can use their professional judgment more freely when it comes to treating conditions with CBMPs. Pharmacies need a special license to store and supply CBMPs, so not all pharmacies will be able to process a prescription for medical cannabis in the UK.

If the specialist decides that the best treatment is with a CBMP, he will discuss the range of products that might be best for you and will often refer you to a partner pharmacy that has a specialized license to process a prescription for cannabis in the UK. There is some evidence that medical cannabis can relieve certain types of pain, although these tests are not yet strong enough to recommend it for pain relief. If you think that medical marijuana could help treat your condition, talk to your GP about it and see if they can refer you to a specialist who can prescribe it.

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