What are the top 10 cannabis companies?

The largest cannabis companies by market capitalization; 6.Investors have a variety of options when it comes to cannabis stocks. Here's a look at the major players in the industry and their operations. The year is coming to an end and, as such, here Investing News Network recounts the gains, but sadly above all the losses, of the cannabis stock market. Every investor will need to think and act for themselves to manage their own exposure to risk, but it's no secret that cannabis stocks have been taking a beating for some time.

While financial experts point to the long-term advantages of U.S. traders as more state markets expand, the stock market hasn't been kind to these names lately. While sudden and spontaneous fluctuations in the open market have become less common, cannabis stocks tend to move both positively and negatively due to big market news or updates on legalization. This list only includes the main cannabis companies and excludes cannabis companies that are not listed on the stock exchange.

While states such as California and Colorado are known for their open cannabis policy, experts have pointed out that states with limited licenses are the most attractive markets that offer an advantage to publicly traded cannabis companies. Although it operates mainly in Canada, Cronos exports medical cannabis abroad and has partnerships outside Canada.

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